"Thank you for sending me my Deva Flowers. I love your products, have been taking them for years. Thank you again."
-L.S., El Paso, TX
"Your 'Fearfulness' remedy is the most powerful essence I have ever found. Please keep up the good work as you are needed more than ever… Thanks so much."
-K.B., Carlsbad, CA
"I recently purchased 'Wild Lettuce/ Valerian' tincture...I find it really helps my leg..."
-A.W., Freedom, P A

We use the best materials, which includes organic or wild-crafted botanicals. Our commitment is and has always been to you, our customers.
Welcome to Alternative Health Networks, Inc.
Family Owned for Forty Years
Don and Nova Hall, 1975Nova and Ara Hall, 2012
Left: Don and Nova Hall, 1975. Right: Nova and Ara Hall, 2012.

Dear friends and family,

Effective December 31st, 2014, Alternative Health Networks will be suspending both the Red Earth Herbal drops and Deva Flower Remedies product lines, due to industry movements and court precedents headed by the FDA and FTC.

Beginning November 15th, 2014, we will no longer be accepting new clients and all sales must be made over the phone (1-800-233-0810).

We apologize for the inconvenience this will cause you, but we want you to know that we will be back. We are in the process of creating a new business model. One based on education, workshops, and literature, which will provide the secrets to Don's unique processes.

We have created a list of comparable products and trusted vendors for reference in this time of transition. Please email us at for a digital copy.

Thank you for supporting our endeavors to provide high quality herbal concentrates and homeopathic flower remedies for the past forty years.

Though it is a with a heavy heart that we have to suspend these two amazing product lines, we are excited to expand into education and self-creation.

Please feel free to stock up and call us with any further quesitions, i.e. shelf life, product substitutions, etc.


The Alternative Health Networks Family

Alternative Health Networks - Quality Herbal Remedies and Flower Essences Since 1974.

    Our Red Earth Herbal Drops and Deva Flower Remedies have been tested and
refined over the past 40 years to work together as part of a holistic and balanced healing program.
    By supplying the herbal nutrients that the body requires while simultaneously treating the mind and emotions behind the ailment or negative habit, our products achieve an high degree of success. 
    Each formula is the result of thousands of hours of research and combines the herbal traditions of 
Native American, Ayurvedic, Chinese,Armenian, and modern herbal medicine. We are proud of each and every one of our products, and would love to tell you more about them. Give us a call or shoot us an email with your questions; 1(800) 233-0810,

Our Product List:

Our Product List:

Alfalfa Leaf
Tortured Thoughts
Chaparral Leaf
Hawthorn Berry
Red Raspberry Leaf
High Energy
Wild Lettuce/Valerian
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