"Thank you for sending me my Deva Flowers. I love your products, have been taking them for years. Thank you again."
-L.S., El Paso, TX
"Your 'Fearfulness' remedy is the most powerful essence I have ever found. Please keep up the good work as you are needed more than ever… Thanks so much."
-K.B., Carlsbad, CA
"I recently purchased 'Wild Lettuce/ Valerian' tincture...I find it really helps my leg..."
-A.W., Freedom, P A

We use the best materials, which includes organic or wild-crafted botanicals. Our commitment is and has always been to you, our customers.
Deva Flower Remedies

Deva Flower Essence Remedies are blended flower essences that are homeopathically prepared similar to the Bach Flower Remedies®. Each blend is formulated around a specific emotional state, and in turn, the physical manifestations of that emotion. The name of each formula describes the emotional crisis experienced. The Deva Flower Essence Remedies work on a vibrational level, supporting emotional wellness and stability. These products will not conflict with any pharmaceutical and have no side effects. The entire line is even safe for your pets!

Deva Flower Remedies

Deva Flower Remedies

Deva Flower Remedies

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Helps overcome a variety of behaviors.
Calms while aiding deep breathing.
Eases explosive anger, bitterness, rage, hate, suspicion, unchecked temper.
Calms feelings of nervousness, restlessness, distress, insecurity, and chronic anxiety.
Helps to focus the mind in the face of distractions, external influences, or concentration difficulties.
Aids those who are coping with major life transitions such as divorce, moving, career change, puberty, or mid-life crisis.
Cleansing RemedyCleansing Remedy
Cleanses the mind, body, and emotions of toxic influences. Helps other health products.
Cold Relief RemedyCold Relief Remedy
Helps clear cold and flu symptoms, due to feelings of confusion and overwhelm.
Clears confusion, indecision, and mental fatigue, while supporting clarity and balance.
Helps alleviate depression, sorrow, discouragement, and sadness.
Relieves pessimism and a sense of hopelessness for those who feel they are near the limit of their endurance.
Doubt/Lost FaithDoubt/Lost Faith
Eases doubt and profound loss of faith caused by uncertainty, indecision, blockages, or unfulfilled dreams and expectations.
Provides relief when you feel tired, burned out, weak, or burdened by life.
An effective flower essence for anxiety and acute panic. Eases feelings of fear, worry, and dread.
First-Aid RemedyFirst-Aid Remedy
Eases emergencies of all kinds. Anytime feelings of extreme distress, trauma, or shock occur.
Promotes self-growth by overcoming self-imposed limitations and barriers.
Relieves memory lapses, memory loss, wandering thoughts, and lack of alertness.
Eases feelings of irritation, impatience, & annoyance; helps insomnia & PMS symptoms.
Eases the pain and grieving process of losing someone of great emotional value.
Relieves feelings of self-condemnation, sexual guilt, self-denial, and self-blame.
Stimulates and strengthens the immune system by clearing repressed emotions and easing physical disorders.
Aids feelings of inadequacy, defeat, limitation, or inability to believe in oneself.
Eases feelings of envy, greed, & lack while building cooperative and limitless outlooks on life.
Helps those who are intolerant and unable to accept themselves or others.
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